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Innovative multi-use silicone straps keep your clothes rolled, your gear stashed, your home and work storage more efficient. Packbands put YOU in control.

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A Packband is a stretchy, adjustable, silicone strap that organizes clothing, outdoor equipment, craft materials, cables, home goods, and so much more!

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Packbands Bundle Package 3 silicone storage straps

The Packbands Bundle includes:

3 Packbands straps (9", 12" and 15") with 3 securing loops.

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Packbands: Hundreds of Uses!

Suitcase or backpack with rolled clothing secured with Packbands
Packbands secure rolled clothing and are handy to attach items to your luggage or backpack


Roll clothing, reduce wrinkles, ease packing and unpacking

Cord management: electronic device cords can be contained and secured with Packbands


Organize and store linens, garden tools and electronics

Packbands secure rolled yoga mat and other sports and fitness equipment
Packbands secure sports, fitness and adventure equipment


Secure sports, fitness and adventure equipment

Packbands secure cords, hoses, ropes and tools in the workshop, garage or office
Use Packbands in the Home Office to manage cables and cords; in the workshop to secure cords, ropes and tools.


Contain cords, ropes and tools in your workshop or office


This product has been such a lifesaver! Each day I’m finding new uses for the product and it’s helping me organize my entire life.

– RM

These bands are great. I initially bought them for travel, but have found so many other uses.

– DE

I love the colors and durability of these bands!

– HL

Packbands are the perfect companion for an active, organized, on-the-go person. I keep finding new ways to love them!

– DP

Love these multi-purpose packbands! One key point with these is that they can be attached to one another and make for a LONGER experience if needed.

– BM

Packbands are a durable, versatile organizational tool I've used around the house for all kinds of stuff. I've used them to wrap cords, pack for travel, and secure my yoga mat.

– NB