Packbands 3-Pack
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Packbands 3-Pack Packbands 100% silicone organization and storage straps manage cables and cords Packbands silicone straps have no moving or metal parts and can be used as instant babyproofing method to secure handles on closets, cabinets and drawers Packbands can be used at the gym to secure rolled yoga mats, yoga towels and attach shower thongs and gear to workout bag. Use stretchy Packbands to secure and store rolled blankets, throws, duvets and other bulky linens Join two or more waterproof Packbands together to create a longer strap as a tie-down to secure outdoor gear and outdoor furniture Virtually unbreakable, 100% silicone Packbands come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and are used to store, organize, secure, attach and contain work, outdoor and household items Large orange Packband strap secures and controls rolled yoga mat at the beach In the garage or workshop, Packbands secure extension cords, power tool cords and cables In an office or home office, Packbands secure and manage cords and cables on computers, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices and equipment

Packbands 3-Pack

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Packbands hold, secure, attach, store, and organize your stuff. Strong, stretchy, adjustable and reusable. 100% silicone. No moving, metal or hooked parts to snag, break or rust. Hundreds of uses.

The Packbands 3-Pack includes: 3 Packbands straps (9”, 12” and 15”) and 3 reversible loops.