How To Packband / FAQ


Packbands provide a simple solution to a messy problem: Packbands secure rolled clothing in a suitcase (less wrinkling!), manage tangled cords in an office or workshop, secure exercise gear, store bulky towels or linens, hold garden supplies or organize adventure equipment. The list (so far) is endless.


Frequently Asked Questions

What material are Packbands?

Packbands are 100% silicone. They can be stretched but retain their shape. There are no metal, moveable or electrical parts to catch snag or rust. Packbands are waterproof and can be used in fresh and salt water (it is recommended that they are rinsed after contact with salt water).

Are Packbands reusable?

Why the loop?

How should I take care of my Packbands?

What are the best uses for the green Packband?

What are the best uses for the blue Packband?

How can I use Packbands for home organization?

For travel, are Packbands good packing organizers?

Can Packbands be customized?

Is there a guarantee?